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Jbl Go Best Speakers.

JBL GO speaker

Companies making micro-sized Bluetooth speakers have to ensure harmony (pun unintended) between sound, portability, and design. It is a tough task to achieve this but we’ve seen some really competent products from Logitech and Harman in the recent past. Sporting circular designs, both, the Logitech X100 and Harman’s JBL Clip had good sound quality as well.
The JBL GO wireless Bluetooth speaker sports 68.3×82.7×30.8 mm cuboid body, with a rubberised finish, and flaunts a large JBL logo on the front and the rear of the device. On the top, the speaker features the power, Bluetooth, volume and call answering buttons, and the auxiliary in and micro USB charging ports are placed on the right side of the device.

Compact size with tremendous sound quality

Although highly portable because of its size, the edgy, box-like build makes it a tad uncomfortable to hold. However, the speaker has an integrated pit for attaching a lanyard, which makes portability easier.Given the miniature size, the sound quality of the JBL GO wireless Bluetooth speaker is fantastic — loud, crisp and clear. It delivers decent bass and a meaty sound. Additionally, the JBL GO also can be used to receive phone calls since it can be paired with a smartphone.

You deserve it

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